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VSITE is a private higher education institution that, in the scientific field of technical sciences, the fields of computing and electrical engineering, organizes and conducts undergraduate professional studies in information technologies, specialist graduate professional studies in information technologies, and lifelong professional education and training programs.

VSITE develops professional and scientific activities - preparation of scientific and professional projects, reports, studies, analyses, expert reports, consultations, expertise, provision of consulting services for the needs of the economy, organization of domestic and international scientific and professional gatherings).

Other activities of VSITE serve the basic activity and ensure the necessary standard of the higher education system and contribute to a more complete use of VSITE's available capacities (publishing activity, activities of the script store and library, and IT activity for the needs of teaching, scientific and professional work and other activities of VSITE ).

VSITE performs all its activities in accordance with the Law and the Statute.


History of VSITE

Find out how it all started and how we built an institution that has been proudly training IT experts and specialists for many years.

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Core values, vision, mission

Our mission and vision are built on fundamental operating principles such as quality culture, expertise, professionalism, professional excellence and honesty, safety, openness, care and understanding for others, that is, professional and social responsibility.

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VSITE has established a number of mechanisms to live up to its mission and vision.

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Get to know VSITE's organizational chart, from the administration to the student department.

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Quality control

VSITE, as a private higher education institution, has a great social responsibility - for years, the VSITE diploma has been guaranteeing bachelor's degrees and information technology specialists whose knowledge and competences are unquestionable. It is our responsibility to ensure that this quality remains at an enviable level, as well as the employability of our alumni, which is a high 95%.

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Find all VSITE documents, legal acts and regulations in one place.

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Ulica Vjekoslava Klaića 7, 10000 Zagreb, tel. 01/3764200 fax. 01/3764264