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Study IT

The College for Information Technologies in Zagreb - VSITE - is a private institution of higher education founded in 2006 which offers undergraduate and graduate professional studies in the field of information technology all in accordance with the permits of the Ministry of Science and Education in Croatia.

VSITE is open to everyone, whether you are finishing a high school or a vocational school, if you want to study while working, retrain or continue your education. Studying at the College of Information Technology is an exciting experience of acquiring advanced knowledge in the professional field of computer science. You can study as a full-time or part-time student at the Undergraduate Professional Study of Information Technology or at the Specialist Graduate Professional Study of Information Technology or enrole in an offered personalized lifelong learning program.

Study for the future

We cannot predict the future, but we can prepare for it. One has to follow the trends, the speed of change and the direction in which modern information technology and computing are evolving. This development is so dynamic, that it is predicted that the IT professional will experience three to four major changes in technology during his career and that she or he will master the new tools on an annual basis. The modern paradigm of higher education is "to learn how to acquire new knowledge". VSITE trains students, future IT professionals, to quickly and efficiently master new information technologies through a broad basic knowledge in the beginning and practical independent work in the higher study years.

The optimal combination of experience and innovation

VSITE teachers are top IT experts who selflessly pass on their rich experience and knowledge to students. VSITE provides a broad basic knowledge necessary for understanding IT architectures and procedures, and encourages students' independence and critical thinking through the study process. The modernity of the program in the final years of study allows for rapid integration into existing IT industries. In this way, VSITE contributes to economic transformation, the development of all industrial sectors, the digital economy and the society as a whole.

95% of graduates work in the IT profession

The IT sector in Croatia and in the European Union currently lacks many more people than there are students in the IT studies. With the further digitalization of the economy and the society the need for IT professionals is constantly growing. More than 95% of students who have completed the study at VSITE are employed in the IT profession in domestic and foreign companies, as developers, engineers for the design and maintenance of computer networks and systems, database designers, web designers and information system designers. A large number of graduates, final-year students and seniors easily find a job while they are still actively studying at VSITE. According to their experience, they are able to get involved in the work process immediately, and employers are very satisfied with them. Upon completion of their studies, our most successful students become professional associates in teaching and members on VSITE projects.

Ulica Vjekoslava Klaića 7, 10000 Zagreb, tel. 01/3764200 fax. 01/3764264